Disable timecode on Atem

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Disable timecode on Atem

PostSun Oct 29, 2023 8:36 am

I would like to disable the timecode generator on my Atem mini extreme iso. The reason being, I have two canon xf305 cameras connected (via BMD converters) using sdi to my Atem, I also have one BMPCC 6K connected via HDMI. I recently bought the new Rode wireless pro audio kit for a number of reasons (32bit float and timecode), and I am using it to jamsync the Canons which works a treat. I can also jamsync the BMPCC using the same device, however as soon as I plug in the hdmi between the camera and the Atem, the BMPCC overrides the timecode from the rode and favours the timecode from the Atem. Given that I cannot get timecode into the Canons via the Atem, I would prefer to it all with the rode.

So that is a long winded explanation of why I would like to disable the timecode generator in the Atem.

Another solution would be to somehow Jamsync the Atem, but I cannot find any way of getting TC into the Atem.

Any help much appreciated




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Re: Disable timecode on Atem

PostWed Nov 29, 2023 6:52 pm

I also need to disable timecode on the ATEM for my purposes. Or I need to be able to Jam Sync by using the Deity-TC1. Any advice / solutions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: Disable timecode on Atem

PostMon Dec 04, 2023 8:05 am

All modern atems are NOT able to ingest LTC or have any option to Jam Sync to TC.. :roll: :( Older Atems had this option.. But they removed it from ALL new atems.. As BMD seems to think there TC is perfect as generator :? :? Well i can tell you it will drift 4 seconds in 24 Hours on my Constellation 8K compared to a pro TC / Sync generator that has GPS sync etc.. :cry: :cry:

We have opted long and hard to get TC sync back.. Maybe even input it into the Audio input and just tick a button saying TC in.. But BMD does not budge on this one..

As for your BMPCC. The only way to not get TC from the Atem is to convert it with a converter that will NOT control the camera. So an old HDMI > SDI converter that is NOT a BIDI device.

Yes you loose camera remote control. But that is the only way.
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Re: Disable timecode on Atem

PostMon Dec 04, 2023 9:13 pm

I can just underline Daniels post above. We found the same TimeCode drifts on the Constellation 8K and the also on the new Constellation 4ME 4K.
The 4ME 4K now has a NTP option as well - but there is no documentation on that TC Sync option - will it perform a jam sync on startup - or will it re-jam and if yes at what time point will this be. This could be fatal if just resyncs to NTP without being clocked to the internal reference (or external TLS/BB if available).

Dear Blackmagic Team:
I think it is a reasonable wish we have:
Reference Clock (TLS/BB) and TIMECODE are absolutely unbreakable married to each other. TimeCode only works if it is stuck to the reference. The old ATEM Mixer have had this option of a timecode input. Since the Constellation Series started it is missing completely. - Fun Fact: the new table top television studios have it again - TC in&out. ...but not in the top of the line product.
So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us a solution for this issues. That Reference Clock and TC are stuck together is a technical standard. Preferably as an input option - like Daniel described on the analog in or as embedded TC on SDI or on MADI or even make the internal generator lock to the reference properly.

I am sure that there are a lot of user out there who encounter issues in the post production in the postproduction process without having a clue that the mixer they are relying on is causing it.

Thank you very much for taking care!

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Re: Disable timecode on Atem

PostTue Dec 05, 2023 11:31 pm


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