Hyperdeck Mini Record Fail :(

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Clinton Vadnais

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Hyperdeck Mini Record Fail :(

PostSat Nov 09, 2019 2:10 pm

I've been using a Hyperdeck Mini for a few years I believe. Generally connected to program out of ATEM 1 M/E with HD SDI. I am recording a conference right now. I had just formatted a 128GB SanDisk Extreme Pro. I'm set to 1080p29.97 and ProResProxy. I recorded a couple of 1 hr conferences every week and sometimes all day conferences as well. I can't recall ever having an issue. Out of the corner of my eye I though I saw a dropout. I started watching the deck and saw it drop to a frame of black a couple of times. It didn't seem to interrupt the recording while I was watching for a couple of minutes. I was working on something else and then I noticed the deck had stopped recording...

Have you had these problems before? I'm not sure where to look. The cable should be fine. It doesn't get struck and reset. It's an installation. I was NOT getting a flickering red record light. Which I think indicates issues writing to the card. I hit record again and haven't noticed a dropout since. Now I am thinking I need to look into redundancy options. I'm not sure if I want a second Hyperdeck Mini or perhaps another device.

Any recommendations for this situation? In either case for the drop and stop or good options for a second recorder would be welcome. Thanks for reading!

Edit: All I had done was hit record again after the first hiccup. I haven't seen any other dropouts. I've since hit stop start and have recorded almost 3 hours of more content without failing. Which makes the first fail that much more frustrating. Is there an integrity check of sorts for SD cards?

Chris Murch

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Re: Hyperdeck Mini Record Fail :(

PostSun Nov 10, 2019 2:09 am

Are you using the 170 MB/s cards by any chance?

They are known to have issues with the Hyperdeck Mini.

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