ATEM TVS and M1 Apple Silicon Resolution Challenges

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Andy Mc

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ATEM TVS and M1 Apple Silicon Resolution Challenges

PostMon Jun 07, 2021 4:05 pm


We have a client who has an existing system comprising of various sources including a Mac Mini feeding into an ATEM TVStudio, the output of which is used both for Live Stream and for monitors in the venue including a LED Wall.

The whole system is running on 1080i 50hz and has been operating without issue for a while. However the Mac Mini has been upgraded to the new Apple Silicon hardware, and we're now struggling to output 1080i 50Hz natively from the Mac.

The setting for 1080i no longer shows up in the Display Settings when the BMD HDMI is connected and the output from the Mac Mini can be seen on test monitors as 1080p. - I have tried the "Alt Click" trick to show all resolutions however the options for '1080i, 1080p' etc are not there, only '1920 x 1080' type resolution options.

I have experimented including using an Intel MacBook Pro, running the same version of the OS which works, and tried a different M1 Mac Mini, TVS and HDMI cables, to rule out any hardware issues but it seems like the M1 Macs are unable to output an interlaced video signal.

The more research I do the more it seems like is a hardware limitation with the new M1 Graphics System and I can't find any instructions or advice on loading a custom EDID to try and "force" it.

Worst Case Scenario we can provide a scaler to resolve the issue but I want to make sure this definitely requires additional hardware before we head down that path.

Has anyone else experienced this issue or came up with a solution/work around that doesn't require a Scaler Inline?

Thank you in advance for your help and advice! - Fingers crossed this is me unable to see the wood for the tree's and not a permanent limitation of the M1 Hardware!



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Re: ATEM TVS and M1 Apple Silicon Resolution Challenges

PostThu Jun 10, 2021 8:18 pm

Similar issue here. I'm trying to get an M1 Mac Mini to show up on the ATEM TV Studio HD multiview. The Mac MIni can tell there's display out there and identifies it as BMD HDMI, but all the multiview will show is a black screen.

The switcher is set to broadcast in 720p/59.94. I can use the option-click trick to get all the resolutions to choose from, but it doesn't list 720p (which my 2014 MacBook Air can see, and it does just fine outputting video content to the ATEM). The Mac Mini gives me the 1280x720 option, which I've selected, and 60Hz. Still, nothing.

Cables I've tried out the back of the M1 Mac Mini into the ATEM TV Studio HD:
Thunderbolt to a CalDigit TS3 Plus to a DP-HDMI cable,
HDMI to an HDMI-SDI converter to and SDI port on the ATEM
About the only thing I haven't tried, and it's because I don't have the cable yet, is Thunderbolt port to the TS3plus, then using an active DP to HDMI cable.

I've had calls fail twice with BM telephone support this afternoon. One was suggesting an Ultra Studio Monitor 3G to convert the signal from the Mac Mini, then send an SDI signal to the ATEM. Any idea if this could do the trick?

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