Wishful thinking: Blackmagic Network Bonding device please

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Wishful thinking: Blackmagic Network Bonding device please

PostMon Jul 26, 2021 6:58 pm

Network Bonding is becoming increasingly vital, especially when so many areas of the US and world have poor WIFI and/or cell service. I would love it if Blackmagic were to come out with a network bonding device that would allow us to bone LAN, WIFI, Cell modems, and the WIFI signal of cell phones (preferably as many multiples of phones as necessary to get to 7mbps or so).

Most ATEM users cannon justify spending eight grand or so on certain manufacturers backpack solutions, but could a couple thousand or so for a serviceable network bonding device.

What say you Blackmagic? Is this possibly on your radar?
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Re: Wishful thinking: Blackmagic Network Bonding device plea

PostTue Jul 27, 2021 12:33 pm

Proper bonding will only work with a proper server side too.. As the data packets of that bonding transmission must be converted back into a solid stream.


Easy each internet link has a different latency.. Bonding setups use to send packets into different chunks on multiple links.. But if the chunks go out in A B C D E order..

but are received at FB or YT in D A B E C order you will have glitches and other issues..

So a proper bonding setup ALWAYS needs a Server side that re-arrange the packets into shape and corrects faults and even asks for retransmits of lost packets..

And these parties like LiveU and WMT are expensive because there went years and years of development into this to get it right.. ;) Dont expect miracles!!!
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