Issues Recording 4k with ATEM Mini Pro ISO

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Issues Recording 4k with ATEM Mini Pro ISO

PostWed Oct 27, 2021 2:37 am

Hi I'm looking to record my Sony A7si via HDMI in 4k with ATEM Mini Pro ISO.

As far as my research has taken me the ATEM Mini Pro ISO allows the user to record camera input via HDMI in 4k on to external HD (my HD is a Scandisk with a speed of 500mbps).

When I plug in the Sont A7si it wont allow 4k output (this function isn't available'. Trouble shooting this, I checked all desirable camera settings and all seems in place. Next step I plugged camera into a 4k TV and the 4k output was available on the camera. This tells me camera settings are correct and that it is not the cable and this leaves the ATEM Mini Pro ISO.

I have updated to the latest firmware/software and have scoured through the settings. Can anyone help with what the issue may be here?


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Re: Issues Recording 4k with ATEM Mini Pro ISO

PostThu Oct 28, 2021 2:13 am

The ATEM mini only supports 1080. All inputs are are Converted.

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