Live Prod - Tricaster ... really ?

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Live Prod - Tricaster ... really ?

PostThu Dec 09, 2021 5:10 am

It occurred to me after seeing the new Tricasters recently announced, that if you look at all the elements which are part of a Newtek Tricaster:

-- I/O's and audio video signal path and related processing
--Software - anyone who can write Resolve can develop a Tricaster software package .......seriously ?
--Control surfaces and switchers
--You name it

There is nothing in that box or that you can connect to it, that is not in some way securely already in BMD's
wheelhouse as it were.

I might say keep the computer controlled software element a matter of a thunderbolt cable from the main box. So take out the integrated computer part and make it whatever qualified computer you wish to use.

Apple's new M1Pro/M1Max chips as it pertains to sheer horse power and power use, would likely stomp the _____ out of those windows boxes that Tricaster is packed into.

I'd bet all the functionality that Newtek has there would be something that BlackMagic could deliver to market for significantly less money.

For what its worth,


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