Tally with Panasonic RP150

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Tally with Panasonic RP150

PostFri Sep 23, 2022 1:27 pm


At our studio, we have 4x Panasonic aw-ue150. We want to send tally to the cameras so their tally light would light up when it's live. And was wondering if the GPI and Tally Interface works with the Panasonic RP150.


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Re: Tally with Panasonic RP150

PostSun Sep 25, 2022 12:27 pm

I use a Skaarhoj ETH-GPI Link Dual interface. With that you can program your GPI and tally on the Atem, RP150 and UE150 camera's. If I select a camera on the RP150, aux 1 of the Atem switches to that camera. I can see witch camera is actual on the RP150 and the Tally lichts on that camera comes on. I also use a some wired tally's for teleprompter camera, PowerPoint laptop or Propresenter playout. The ETH-GPI uses hard wired in and outputs, but can talk to all other stuff via IP (Atem, Hyperdeck, matrix etc). You have to make a customized cable to connect to the RP150.

The BMD Tally interface also works, but you have to make a special cable to connect to the RP150. And will only work for camera tally.

If you only want to use a tally for the camera's you can simply run Companion. You don't have to use a streamdeck or special cables.
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