1 Way talkback audio using Television Studio Pro 4K

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1 Way talkback audio using Television Studio Pro 4K

PostSat Sep 24, 2022 1:29 am

It seems that is a well known issue, we have BMD Studio 4K Pro cameras connected to a Television Studio Pro 4K with both SDI in and a return to the camera. Supported headsets connected on both sides, F3 on camera set as toggle on/off for mic and mic level is turned up to 80. Camera operator can hear the mic gain being turned up but when he speaks into the mic, nothing. There is no audio coming to the switcher. Switcher can send to cameras with no issues but nothing on the return from camera. In the switcher the audio inputs are all on and the camera lines are all set to mix/minus returns. We have changed the switcher, changed the cameras, changed the SDI cables, changed all the headsets, running the latest firmware all the way around but no go. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: 1 Way talkback audio using Television Studio Pro 4K

PostTue Sep 27, 2022 5:36 am

What headsets and which headset connector are you using on the camera?

Note that the 3-pin XLR connectors and the 3.5mm mic input connector are for camera audio input and would typically be embedded on SDI channels 1 & 2 back to the switcher. These inputs are controlled through the Audio tab of the menus.

The connectors for talkback audio are the 5-pin XLR connector or a 3.5mm TRRS (mobile device style) headset into the 3.5mm headphone port (to the right of the 3.5mm mic input). The talkback audio settings, including the headset mic level, sidetone level, etc. are configured in the 3rd page of the Setup tab in the camera menus.

On the switcher side, the key setting for talkback input audio is the Talkback via SDI Channels 15/16 in the Audio section of the menu (the Mix/Minus settings are for audio out from the switcher which doesn't seem to be the problem).

If everything is configured correctly and it's still not working, I would probably try the other headset connector into the camera and see if that makes a difference.

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