ATEM software control + OBS = glitching

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ATEM software control + OBS = glitching

PostFri Oct 07, 2022 10:31 am

Hello everyone,
I have this issue:
While streaming on YouTube via OBS i get a recurrent glitch if I open Atem Software control while OBS is open.

The setup is this one:

Atem Extreme with: 1 camera, 1 pc with Zoom, 1 pc with Power Point presentation.

ATEM is connected via USBC-USB cable to my computer.

HDMI OUT 1: connected to a projector.

HDMI OUT 2: connected to a monitor below the stage, for the speaker.

I change the input using the macro function of the atem with 5-6 presets that i created.

Choose the output on the project using the Video Out section on the atem extreme.

On the same pc, i have OBS taking the signal from the ATEM and streaming it on YouTube.

Everything works fine for a while, untile at some point OBS starts glitching. Randomly.
It keeps going until I close ATEM software control.
At first i thought it was am electrical issue, but the HDMI outputs are okay, no glitch.
In my opinion, if it was an electrical issue, it would have regarded the outputs too…

What can it be? How can I fix this?
I think that using Atem Software Control + OBS is a killer combo, but we need to find a solution to this thing.. reading online i’ve found many people with the same issue.

Thanks in advance, hope that we fix it, it’d be pity not to..

Stefano Antonucci.
cinematographer, video operator
Italy, Lucca.


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Re: ATEM software control + OBS = glitching

PostSun Oct 09, 2022 8:40 am

We ditched freebie OBS after similar issues and purchased vMix 4K. Zero compatability problems with ATEM control in the last year or so and vMix is far-better suited, both in terms of useful features and GUI, for professional-grade projects.
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Re: ATEM software control + OBS = glitching

PostMon Oct 10, 2022 1:44 am

You have glitches in stream ? or just on screen ? What encoder do you use ?

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