ATEM Mini Pro for Zoom with audio monitoring?

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ATEM Mini Pro for Zoom with audio monitoring?

PostSat Sep 17, 2022 8:22 pm

Hoping to get a little guidance here as I am having trouble understanding how to get this to work. I have an ATEM Mini Pro with video coming in from a DSLR. Audio is coming in from a XLR mic passing through a Focusrite Scarlet interface which then goes into the Atem via Mic 1. The Atem is then connected via USB to my computer and all works.

I have this working fairly well and have adjusted the HDMI video lag by delaying the audio coming in, but as many others have noted, there is not a way for me to monitor my audio. I would really like to do that. So what am I missing in this setup? Do I need a mixer to mix the computer audio with the Atem audio?

I've seen others do this so I have to believe it can be done. Thanks for the advice.


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Re: ATEM Mini Pro for Zoom with audio monitoring?

PostThu Nov 24, 2022 1:16 pm

Assuming here that you want to monitor the program audio, which is why the Scarlet won't work for your purpose (even though it sounds like this is the exclusive audio source). Probably the simplest way to accomplish what you want is to acquire an HDMI Audio extractor and plug the HDMI out from your ATEM into that. You can then pass through the HDMI from the extractor to wherever you are sending it now.


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Re: ATEM Mini Pro for Zoom with audio monitoring?

PostThu Nov 24, 2022 4:29 pm

There are also apps which you can install on your Mac/PC to monitor the audio. I’m using Ecamm for streaming, titles, video’s and remote callers and this software also allows you to monitor all incoming and outgoing audio.


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Re: ATEM Mini Pro for Zoom with audio monitoring?

PostFri Nov 25, 2022 10:25 am

There are VoiceMeeter for PC and Loopback for Mac that let you route different audio sources to virtual input devices or physical output devices. That way you can monitor your own audio as well as listen to audio coming from Zoom without causing a feedback loop in Zoom. You just provide two different mixes: Your microphone and the Zoom audio to your headphones, your mic without the Zoom audio to a virtual input device used by Zoom.
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