Crop Factor re: 6K Pro EF mount vs Studio 4K 4/3 mount

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Crop Factor re: 6K Pro EF mount vs Studio 4K 4/3 mount

PostTue Nov 29, 2022 7:45 pm

I understand that the EF mount is 1.6 crop factor and 4/3 MFT is 2.0 crop factor, meaning I lose about 20% of what fits in the frame moving from an EF to 4/3 sensor, all things being equal.

However does the calculation stay the same regardless of BMPCC 6K shooting at 6K in BRAW and BMPCC 4K shooting in 4K? Can the 6K vs 4K difference just be ignored in those calculations?

Reason why I'm asking: I've been using BMPCC 6K to shoot in a small office space for my videos... I want to start streaming in 4K which the BMPCC Design Studio 4K can do, and I'm trying to confirm how much I can still capture in my small office space.

Both cameras would be using a Sigma 18MM lens, one EF mount, the other 4/3 mount. Is it safe to say the crop/what I'd lose is 20%? Or does the 6K to 4K change somehow change something?

Sorry if that was confusing, thanks in advance.

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