Latency in ATEM

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Latency in ATEM

PostThu Mar 30, 2023 3:45 pm

I have LED screens that I've just upgraded to Novastar 660Pro to get low latency (and the right receiver cards). This is at a stadium where we have historic problems with in vision interviews and awful lip sync problems.

I have ATEM TV Studio HDs for each screen that I'm using purely as scalers (Upstream DVE).

We've added a 4th screen so I bought a Constellation 1ME. However there's 2 extra frames of latency on its PGM output that I don't see on the TV Studio HD.

I've just been told by UK BM support that this is a "feature" of the Constellation.

Obviously I expect a frame of latency on the DVE, but the source is fed from a DA into both the ATEMs and they're both genlocked from the same source. All inputs and outputs are 1080p50.

I would expect them to both have the same latency. Can anyone think of a way to reduce the Constellation latency?

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