Blackmagic Smart Video Hub 16x16 3G Router Model VHUB/VS

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Blackmagic Smart Video Hub 16x16 3G Router Model VHUB/VS

PostWed Oct 09, 2019 5:52 pm

There are many people in live TV production as well as film production who use this switcher. Blackmagic has stopped producing them. There is still a demand for this product. Case in point, after 33 bids on ebay one of these just sold for $775.00. I believe this is higher than original retail cost. The smart routers work just fine, but there are many cases where direct routing is a more effective solution for live production work. I’d like to request a new version be made available. The loud fans in the 20 x 20 switcher make it impossible for me to use on set. The 16 x 16 is low profile and quiet. A 20 x 20 low profile direct switching router would be the best possible outcome. Please consider the real world application of what this piece of equipment is used for. Not all of us in the field are inside an air conditioned truck or office. thanks.
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Re: Blackmagic Smart Video Hub 16x16 3G Router Model VHUB/VS

PostWed Oct 09, 2019 7:18 pm

To address this, The router chip used in this model isn't produced anymore by the manufacturer ;)

The newer chips that are made these days can do a lot more bandwidth and so have a lot more heat to get rid off. So more cooling is needed..

I agree the fans could be more quite.. But this is what you get. ** Proud owner of a 40x40 3G Vhub passive cooled :D
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