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AUDIO: Newbie

PostFri Nov 29, 2019 6:25 pm

Quick question.
Bit of a kook wen it comes to sound, on the blackmagic Ursa mini pro just wondering what the best audio settings are. I plan to record sound from a mic with xlr input. can i have the internal mic record as well?

is there any other settings adjustments i should be aware of. recording in a int. controlled environment, the mic will be on the interviewee but as an option would like the on cam mic to pick up questions?

any audio for dummies answers is welcome

appreciate the patience!!!!! thanks :)
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Re: AUDIO: Newbie

PostTue Dec 03, 2019 3:38 am

You should be able to split the settings (use XLR for one channel - convention would be use the LEFT channel for the clean signal).

If you are using a Mic, make sure Mic is set for Gain... which adds 40db to line. If you have it set to Line, it will be very quiet. If you have a Line signal at set to Mic, it will be overmodulated.

Typically, I would use a Lav and Shotgun or 2 Shotguns. With double shotgun, you can set one 10-20db lower as a safety.

That said, I never record show audio in any camera pre-amp. This is NOT a knock on BMD cameras. I just like to have better recorders. I'm currently using the new Sound Devices MixPre II for this... dynamic range 140+ db, 32-bit float... you can mess up alot before you have an issue. It's the perfect videographer's audio recorder. You can pipe this back into the camera for reference (as LINE level).

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