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Web Presenter doesn't connect properly to Computer

PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 12:54 pm
by d5productions
I want to connect a Canon C300 via the BM Web Presenter to a Mac and then do a livestream of the videofeed to Facebook or Youtube.

I've connected the Camera via SDI and I do get a video signal on the small screen on the Web Presenter, but it says "USB 0 fps" in the small corner menu. (I guess this might an Issue?)
The Web Presenter Setup (1.2) says the Camera/Web Presenter is connected, but it doesn't show up in any Programm (Skype, OBS).

I've already tried on different computers and tried switching USB cables. Nothing did work so far. Any suggestions what might be the issue here?

Edit: I just figured out what the problem was. I thought i just had to connect one USB cable. I didn't realize we had to connect both USB ports to make the videostream work.