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Hardware tally box for ATEM mini

PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2020 7:07 am
by Baz

This small tally box can provide you with outboard tally indications.
The very basic unit has 8 'TTL' (ON = LOW) that can be used to drive a LED or enable a wireless tally system.

It can also be used with any ATEM and provide program, preview AND AUX TALLIES!!!
Aux tallies are good for iso record indicators to allow camera people to know when they are being recorded.

There are 8 available tally pins and each pin can be independently allocated to any ATEM input (eg. camera's) program, preview or aux buss. The pin allocations are performed over ethernet using a simple terminal program.

At an extra cost you can add POE, relays and a 4 button 16 character LCD display for configuration and operation. This will also be able to provide ATEM Macro triggers and be able to control the 'output' function on the ATEM Mini. I will do a separate video on the LCD/button operation.