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Stream, Record to DVD, Record to SD

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I am trying to build a setup that will allow us to live stream our church services over the Internet (UStream, etc.), while simultaneously recording to DVD using a Toshiba DR430, plus record the HD camera feed to computer or just to the camera's onboard SD card.

I am building for 2 rooms. The main room has a Canon XA25 (SDI and HDMI outs, 2xXLR in for audio), and the auxilliary room has a Canon XA10 (HDMI out, 2xXLR in for audio).

We may expand to multiple cameras in the main room at some point.

It looks like the ATEM Television Switcher, plus a Behringer analog/digital audio converter would be a good fit for the main room, but I am trying to figure out if there is additional equipment I need, or if this is it.

For the small room, it seems like the Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0 would work, and for that matter might work in the main room.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated. I am trying to keep within a budget, so if there is a sub-$500 device that would give me streaming plus RCA L/R Audio and Video out to the Toshiba (, then it would solve my problem.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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