ATEM Mini Pro - stream & software won't work simultaneously

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ATEM Mini Pro - stream & software won't work simultaneously

PostSun Jun 14, 2020 1:27 am

Hi All
I am having trouble live streaming.

I can access the software control through ethernet only, however, as soon as I turn on Internet sharing to try and stream to youtube, it won't stream, and I have no Software access.

I have copied and pasted the streaming key into the software, I have turned internet sharing on, I have tried doing that via the USB connection and then patching in the ethernet connection, nothing works.

The streaming 'on air' button just flashes red and the cache fills up. I have tried everything in the manual, everything I can find on youtube tutorials and on the forum, and I cannot connect to a stream on youtube, or access the software control when attempting to stream.

Currently running software 8.2.3 and I have tried on a windows 10 PC, a brand new Macbook Pro, and an iMac both running Mac OSX Catalina.

Ip Address is correct. No matter what I do, I cannot get the stream to work.

Am I missing something?

Probably worth noting is that this switcher has just been replaced by Australian service department. I will also be contacting the service department this week to discuss.

Any input would be appreciated.


Denny Smith

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Re: ATEM Mini Pro - stream & software won't work simultaneou

PostMon Jun 15, 2020 5:49 pm

Did you save the ATEM Control software settings for startup? If not, your stream key will not be retained.
You have a setting wrong somewhere, I had an issue at first, but once I got the IP address set, everything worked, and a Live stream was working.
Denny Smith
SHA Productions


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Re: ATEM Mini Pro - stream & software won't work simultaneou

PostTue Jun 16, 2020 2:24 am


After speaking with New Magic service department in Australia, I have been able to resolve this issue for me.

I am currently running a Macbook pro with MAC OSX Catalina 10.15.5 and an iMac with Mojave 10.14.6, also a PC Laptop running Windows 10.

I will run through the setting for Macs first. This process worked on both macs:

1. Connect The ATEM Mini Pro (AMP) to your mac via ethernet and USB.
2. In ATEM Setup, under the ‘Configure’ tab, set the IP Setting to DHCP
3. Click Save
4. Open ‘System Preferences’ on your Mac
5. Under ‘Network’, select the connection you are using for the AMP.
6. Set to DHCP
7. Go back to ‘System preferences’ main screen
8. Open ‘Sharing’
9. Select ‘Internet Sharing’ (but do not tick/turn on yet)
10. Under ‘Share your connection from:’ select the connection that is providing internet to the Mac – Ethernet, wifi etc (whatever you are using)
11. Under ‘To Computers using,’ activate (tick) the connection you are using for the AMP
12. ALSO – you will need to select ‘Thunderbolt bridge’ if the option is there. (this seems to be what creates the bridge between the two connections – this is the one setting I didn’t have activated previously)
13. Activate/tick ‘Internet Sharing’ to turn it on.
14. Go back to ATEM Software control and verify it is still connected.
15. You should now be able to follow the steps to setup a stream as outlined by Black Magic in the Manual

For PC’s running windows 10

1. Make sure the AMP is set to DHCP (as per above steps 1-3)
2. Go to ‘Network and internet’ in the ‘Control Panel’
3. Select ‘Network and Sharing Centre’
4. Select ‘Change Adapter settings’
5. You should be able to see the internet connection (For me it was wifi) and also the connection to the AMP.
6. Right click and select ‘Properties’
7. In the Dialog box, double click the item ‘Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’
8. Select ‘Obtain an IP Address automatically’
9. Click OK (But don’t close the ‘Network Connections’ window yet)
10. Make sure you can access the AMP through the ATEM Software Control.
11. Once that’s connected, go back to the network Connections window.
12. Hold shift and select the internet connection and the AMP Connection – make sure they are both highlighted.
13. Right click on one of them and click on ‘Bridge Connections’. This will take a minute.
14. When done, you should see another item appear called ‘Network Bridge’ and the other two connections should have their status as ‘Enabled, bridged’
15. You should now be able to stream as per the instructions in the manual.

Please note that both of these situations are when connecting the AMP directly to a computer. I have no idea how this would play out if using a network switch or a router. It also doesn’t take into account managed networks that may need to have ports opened up etc. You would have to talk to your IT administrators.

I just wanted to share what worked for me in the end.

Hope this helps someone


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Re: ATEM Mini Pro - stream & software won't work simultaneou

PostTue Jun 16, 2020 5:49 am

Glad you got this to work. Here is some additional context for others who may be struggling.

If you use Internet Sharing on your Mac, you are turning your Mac into a router/server. The Mac does not simply "bridge" connected devices to its upstream internet connection. Instead, it becomes a new central hub in a new ethernet network for all the connected devices.

The Mac becomes a DHCP server and provides an IP address to the connected devices. It also does NAT (Network Address Translation) for those devices. And it routes IP traffic from it's upstream connection to it's downstream connection.

Why this matters:

Without getting deep into the internals of the Mac networking stack you have no control over the address range that your Mac will assign to connected devices. By default it uses one of the basic "internal" reserved IP address ranges: 192.168.1.x (where "x" is a number between 1 and 255). If you happen to be using the same address range for the network that your Mac is connected to (which would be pretty common) routing for ATEM may work as expected - if your Mac gives it an IP address not otherwise used on your upstream network. If by chance your Mac assigns the ATEM an address that is duplicated you may start to see problems.

If on the other hand you are not (which is less common but not exotic) it probably won't. In that case you may find that the ATEM seems to connect upstream to the internet but you cannot see it via the software on your Mac, or from other computers on your network.

In extensive testing I found it virtually impossible to use Network Sharing with a Wifi connection to an ATEMP plugged into the ethernet port of a Mac. I tried all sorts of configuration settings, port forwarding, etc. and just couldn't make it work. (I could have probably FORCED it by doing that deep dive into the network stack to take direct control over the Mac's local DHCP server, NAT, and firewall but that was out of scope for this project).

So in summary: If a user is using a wired ethernet upstream ethernet connection, and you follow the directions you outlined, the system MAY work. But it may not. (I'm particularly interested in the fact that you had to turn on the Thunderbolt Bridge. That may bypass some or all of the local Mac's server services and do more of a true bridge between the two networks; I may spend some time inspecting that to see if I can replicate other issues I detected when trying this the first time, but that still won't work for Wifi).

My general recommendation is that if you can, plug the ATEM directly into the router of your main network and don't try to daisy chain with a computer in the middle.


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Re: ATEM Mini Pro - stream & software won't work simultaneou

PostWed Jun 17, 2020 2:43 am

Thanks for that. i am certainly no IT or networking pro, just posting what I found to work for me.

Some really useful info in there, so thank you again


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Re: ATEM Mini Pro - stream & software won't work simultaneou

PostFri Nov 20, 2020 8:39 pm

Thank you!

This helped me a lot! Saved me hours of testing. Especially the settings in the Mac.

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