Setup New Atem Mini - no SD

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Setup New Atem Mini - no SD

PostFri Jul 31, 2020 5:47 pm


I have just received my new Atem Mini together with a postcard saying that the SD card with the relevant PC software and manual is nolonger shipped and to go to the web site and download the software and manual.

The Black Magic page is not for the ATEM Mini but offers a whole series of irrelevant applications for kit that I do not have!

When I search and specify ATEM Mini it still comes up with many pages of files and updates none of which seem relevant. Well If you haven't installed the basic software an update is useless!

I want the latest working Windows 10 64 bit PC software to control the ATEM Mini. Please supply relevent filename and direct URL.

Many thanks a very unhappy potential new user. ( It was bad enough having to wait until this week for delivery having ordered at the begining of April without not being able to run the Mini.) The marketing videos were very polished only showing features and not much practical use lacking videos to how to set up from scratch out of the box.



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Re: Setup New Atem Mini - no SD

PostFri Jul 31, 2020 8:28 pm

Hi Peter,

You can just go to the support section, click on "ATEM Live Production Switchers" and scroll down on the left column looking for anything "ATEM Mini" in the text.

On the top will be today's ATEM Switchers 8.4 update. Further down will be June 10's version 8.2.3

Always click the "read more" button before downloading.

The above two are for the controller software and does the firmware update.



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Re: Setup New Atem Mini - no SD

PostSun Aug 02, 2020 9:41 am

TBH and im not intending to be an A-Hole but if your having a problem finding the BM control panel software, if i were you I'd pack the atem back up and either return it or sell it on because someone both showing such an atitude to the first hurdle they come across or (a possible) lack of intellect to problem solve such a simple thing, your not going to be able to run the mini or cope with a BMD production type work flow. Its all about problem solving and building a technical understanding and if your frustrated at this stage, well ??

Now, just so you know for next time i typed Atem mini control software into google and the 3rd reply down the list after all the youtube links gave me the link to where i needed to go. As said i dont want to appear the A_hole here but you're already in a poor mindset for what your about to undertake and you need to understand theres a large need to grow your knowledge to work with an Atem and the infracture it requires.

The mini is the device aimed at the newbies, the youtuber generation of first timers owning a 'real' video switcher, although its entry level everything that goes alongside it is not really different to any other BMD Atem installation, so prob. best to prepare for a lot of head scratching, a lot of time spent here and just generally accept its what your going to be doing over the next couple months. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, but to get the best from it your going to need to put in the time working out how it all pulls together to get the best from it.

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Re: Setup New Atem Mini - no SD

PostSun Aug 02, 2020 6:14 pm

Here you go ... 6e/Windows
And Bob’s Your Uncle...
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