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ATEM Mini Pro ISO / Bitrate control on ISO feeds!!

PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2020 4:29 pm
by ARussell
Please Please Please give us bitrate control over the ISO feeds, like you do with the Program feed..!!
I love that it's adaptive and can go up to 70Mbps, HOWEVER - I am recording 1-2 hour interviews over zoom calls and I need to control the file size! The program feed is a perfect balance of quality and file size, but I REALLY need the same control over the IOS feeds.

I bought 3 of these things so I've got every finger and toe crossed that this will happen in a firmware update. :]

Great product! Thank you!!

Re: ATEM Mini Pro ISO / Bitrate control on ISO feeds!!

PostPosted: Fri Nov 20, 2020 7:13 pm
by brandonwatson
How did you setup your various devices to record the Zoom calls? I have the ATEM Mini Pro ISO, and I am also recording zoom calls direct from the USB-C to a SSD off the ATEM.

Let me start with - I know I am doing this wrong/likely over complicating this. My brain goes in circles when I try to figure out how to make this work correctly.

I have an external microphone for improved audio - Blue Yeti.

I have the following config with my ATEM:
* vid1 - GoPro (blue yeti direct 3.5mm line into this camera)
* vid2 - GrPro
* vid3 - Surface go (hosting the zoom call)
* vid4 - main laptop (for taking notes during the zoom call)
* HDMI out - to a 24" monitor
* RJ45 - connected to router
* mic1 - empty
* mic2 - empty

I was completely new to any of this tech 2 months ago. I need a better way for how to get the audio from the zoom call onto the recording while still using my blue yeti.

To solve for this I have the zoom call hosted on a surface go. That has the USB-C to HDMI out to the ATEM. The hosted zoom call is set to use the ATEM as the speakers, and I have the mic muted.

So that I can hear the person I am interviewing, I dial into the zoom call from my phone. I have a bluetooth earpiece for this.

I haven't figured out how to get the audio from the call to the ATEM without an echo except for having a macro to flip between which microphone is on (vid1 vs vid3). I have to remember to toggle between them so that I can do my speaking with the good microphone (i am also toggling to use vid1 as Program) to when I am "listening", in which case I toggle to vid3 as Program, and turn off mic on vid1 and turn on mic on vid3.

I would love someone to help me sort out how to use my blue yeti for all audio input, but allow my candidate to hear me on the zoom call, no matter which camera I have as Program.

* I must be using the USB-C out on the ATEM for recording
* I am fine with macros, but I would love to avoid macros that leave me with a gap in audio. My current setup (vid1 as Program) leaves the recording without audio from the candidate. I currently cannot turn on the vid3 mic with the vid1 mic when vid1=Program because I get the echo of my voice on both sources