ATEM mimi Pro streaming recorded video

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ATEM mimi Pro streaming recorded video

PostSat Sep 26, 2020 6:49 am

I have a very new ATEM Mini Pro and the latest MacBook Pro.I'm planning on streaming a video on Vimeo Live. I'm confused on how to setup the ATEM Mini Pro with my laptop to steam a pre-recorded video. Any help would be very appreciated.

Dave Del Vecchio

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Re: ATEM mimi Pro streaming recorded video

PostMon Sep 28, 2020 8:50 pm

The ATEM switchers don't have any direct support for playing out pre-recorded video content. You typically need to use either a HyperDeck or computer to playout the pre-recorded video and send it into one of the hardware video inputs on the ATEM.

One strength of the HyperDeck units, such as the HyperDeck Studio Mini, is that they have direct integration with the ATEM software. But they are a bit particular about supported video file formats. An alternative approach is to use software-based video playout solutions that run on a computer which tend to be more flexible and accept a wider range of video file formats, although they perhaps are not as tightly integrated with the ATEM.

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