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Newbie Live Studio

PostFri Oct 16, 2020 9:16 pm

HI there, in need of some suggestions as well as some basic understanding.

Currently the company I work at is looking to jump into the live streaming to sites like youtube.
Originally we had been using wirecast to switch, run graphics and screen capture zoom calls that tied into the studio.

However many issues arose and we are looking to mainstream the work load a little. With that said this is what we are looking to achieve

Studio feed runs into the ATEM switch, a 2up shot of both host and guest via zoom and SDI studio feed are coming in as a source as well as a single shot via zoom. Both sources need a background graphic like a png for branding purposes. With in Zoom the guest must be able to see the host in studio as well as any playback of media that is que'd up from the graphics / streaming computer. Additionally the client wants an IFB systems where the anchors hear both the speakers on zoom as well as the director and media from the streaming computer.

Potential issues that we have ran into so far -
Video loop in 2 shot displaying box after box after box.
Streaming / Graphics computer has issues receiving video feed when also on the zoom call. Thus not allowing either the anchors to be seen on the zoom call or displayed into the stream feed.

If you have any suggestions on how to simply these issues the help would be greatly appreciated.

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