Questions about ATEM Switchers, Camera Converter and everything live!
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PostWed Jan 13, 2021 2:50 pm

We're opening a new club that will do daily live streaming. The concept, so far, is to have up to 3 mounted cameras in the house that the moderator, in back of house, can switch between for the live stream feed. What suggestions do you guys have for cameras, setup and software and streaming. Kinda new to the game so just learning in real time so to speak. Thanks in advance for your help :)


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Re: Suggestions?

PostSun Jan 24, 2021 5:42 pm


if it is ONLY streaming, meaning you have no intention to edit the footage later, the ATEM Mini PRO is the right option.
The ATEM Mini Pro ISO is only useful if want to editir the recording later on.

As you said you are new to it, think beyond the 3 cameras.
You will need HDMI cables to connect the cameras to the ATEM, I recommend keep it within maximum 10m distance.
Then think about the microphone(s). Either you will get the audio via cameras or with a separate microfone.
Then you need a way to fixed the cameras and microphones. Either tripods or clamps will be needed. I recommend checking Manfrotto product line. Solid brand.
Since its life you will also need a monitor that will output everything from the ATEM.
Lighting may also be needed depending on your enviroment.
If the streaming will last several hours consider that the camera's battery may not be sufficient, if you want to stream for several hours straight then you will also needed a power supply for the cameras instead of batteries. Mind that for some cameras, for instance usually with Canons, you need a "dummy" battery to make this happen.
Of course for streaming, good access to internet connection.

Crucial point when purchasing the cameras. You need cameras that offer CLEAN HDMI OUT. This is crucial. Google about it.

If you have absolultely no equipment, a bigginner set up will cost about 2.000$.
If you start getting better cameras, good lenses, etc... the can easily get to 4-5.000$..
A more professional set up, lets say 3x CANON R5 or SONY A7 will get to 10k easiy by the time you are finished.

Since you will be streaming, makes no sense to go for 4k. Also mind that the ATEM can only output 1080. No need to spend crazy amount of money just to get 4k. Better put the money on good lenses.

Take this information and spend sometime on youtube. Lots of reviews availables. I's just a matter of bringing everything together as described above.


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