A 4k ATEM with UVC?

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A 4k ATEM with UVC?

PostThu Jan 14, 2021 1:51 am

Hey all,

I've got a handful of ATEM Mini Pros and love them, they are nearly perfect. I primarily use them as a crazy over engineered UVC camera for work meetings and such, as a permanent remote worker (long before covid), my audio and video has always been a critical requirement.

Currently I use DSLRs as my camera on HDMI 1, an RPI on HDMI 2 with video backgrounds, then chromakey, etc.

For live streams that I do internal to my company, we use an internally developed 4k platform (4k, 30fps), but it doesn't have an IP enabled endpoint I can point to directly from an ATEM, I have to run the streaming software on my device.

What would be perfect for me, would be an ATEM Mini Pro, that happens to be 4k (ideally with hdmi). I don't believe that exists today with UVC output support. The 4k ATEMs all use USB 2.0 for firmware updates/configuration.

I can buy a 4k ATEM and then output to a 4k HDMI and use something like an Elgato Camlink 4k, but i'm trying to stay purely blackmagic.

Is there a product I'm missing that might have UVC like support, like the ATEM Minis, but supports 4k?


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