[Feature Request] ATEM Mini Pro/ISO/Extreme

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[Feature Request] ATEM Mini Pro/ISO/Extreme

PostTue Feb 23, 2021 6:48 pm


SRT seems to be the obvious future, and it doesn't seem like it'd be that difficult to add this in a firmware update. I know BMD is up to speed on this, and I sure hope they're working on implementing this.

Pros of SRT over RTMP:
- Sub-second latency... much faster than RTMP (which leads me to another post about the Streaming Bridge supporting this too)
- Error-correction (EC).. This is kind of the BIGGEST advantage over the 15+ year-old RTMP protocol. The public internet is a mess, plain and simple. Packets drop. Can we please have some error correction? With SRT we can add EC and still have lower latency over RTMP.

Obviously SRT isn't supported as ingest points for FB Live / YT or Twitch, yet. But it will be. WebRTC is not the future (at least in its current form), but SRT supports everything. If we can't get HEVC streaming in our BMD switchers yet, can we at least get SRT? Even if you don't want to add the "Latency" or "Mode" windows to the ATEM UI, can we get SRT via XML. I work for a company who would GREATLY benefit from SRT, and being able to hard program an endpoint into an ATEM MP to send it to contributors would be a HUGE boon for us.


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Re: [Feature Request] ATEM Mini Pro/ISO/Extreme

PostMon Mar 01, 2021 8:44 pm

A brief reading about SRT suggests it supports multiple streams of data at once. Could it also be used to error correct ATEM control data being sent over the internet, which perhaps could be combined with more generous timeout settings?

Clearly that would need ATEM software control to be updated as well and panels if possible.


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