[Feature Request] ATEM Streaming Bridge

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[Feature Request] ATEM Streaming Bridge

PostTue Feb 23, 2021 6:59 pm


SRT seems to be the obvious future, and it doesn't seem like it'd be that difficult to add this in a firmware update. I know BMD is up to speed on this protocol, and I sure hope they're working on implementing this.

Pros of SRT over RTMP:
- Sub-second latency... much faster than RTMP
- An obvious boon for Streaming Bridge users. Instead of using a 'Backhaul Call' like Zoom or Discord, why not get, near-WebRTC latency WITH error correction, and without the poor quality of WebRTC.

- Error-correction (EC).. This is kind of the BIGGEST advantage over the 15+ year-old RTMP protocol. The public internet is a mess, plain and simple. Packets drop. I've watched many Streaming Bridge streams and have watched these really nice setups that trounce Zoom quality (or truthfully vMixCall) where the lighting is great, the quality cameras are shining, but then... dropped packets. Why not add support for the protocol that has lower latency, AND still has a decent amount of EC (more if Latency isn't an issue).

Considering the obvious modes of "Caller, Listener, and Rendezvous" it would be a great fit to those setups that use the Streaming Bridge.

Of course this means we need SRT support on the ATEM Mini Pro/ISO/Extremes too (another feature request).

If SRT support were enabled, I'm sure you could make an elegant UI addition for SRT listener support, but if not, please just allow UDP and SRT support. We can still make the XMLs for ATEM MP users to import as an endpoint.

Thank you!

Walter Sonius

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Re: [Feature Request] ATEM Streaming Bridge

PostFri Feb 26, 2021 12:42 pm

Just a BUMP for this feature request and links to other discussed features:

https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/produc ... s/W-APS-16

Restream to other destinations while locally outputing HDMI & SDI:

Accept video streams from non Blackmagic Design Atem equipment:

Lose dependency of firewall port forwarding by using a central BMD server which links atem mini pro's and bridges together maybe account based?

Interlace/progressive options?

What about 720p or even 480/576i input stream options, or built in downconvert to those resolutions(probably should come to entire Atem mini series)?
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Re: [Feature Request] ATEM Streaming Bridge

PostMon Mar 01, 2021 11:05 am

I would like the SRT too..

But even more.. Would like that the Streaming Bridge would not BLOCK every other RTMP stream from another source.

BMD put in a specific header with Blackmagic as text. If you stream an RTMP to the Bridge that include that and a few other things it will start outputting the stream. But most streaming software do not allow to change the header and so will not be able to stream to the Bridge.

I get it from a support level that you dont want to give support to people that want to stream something else to it then the Atem mini / Webpresenter HD. But it limits the function of the streaming bridge very much as you wont be able to use a in between platform like Restream or Castr which are very often used to include multiple outputs to platforms.
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