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open gear cards

PostFri Oct 11, 2013 8:58 pm

i have a few open gear analog to sdi cards

how can i update the firmware on these is it possible do they need updating i have dashboard running and see all the cards working fine they say they are seeing inputs and i can plug usb in via front and run the converter utility but nothing ever prompts me to update software ... since coming from the factory they have never been updated.

the reason i ask is we are having an issue with them locking to a source (sat box)

i can confirm that the box is locked to 1080i output and is only outputting ypbpr video ... there is a second problem and that is that the end units sdi to hdmi (through a video hub) are producing an incorrect color spacing ... perhaps this is an issue of the analog to sdi or perhaps this is an issue of the sdi to hdmi??

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