Computer crashing after 8.6 switcher update

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Computer crashing after 8.6 switcher update

PostSat Apr 10, 2021 6:10 pm

I've been using the Atem Mini for month now to do live productions on Zoom, I think it's great.
But ever since I updated the software and firmware to 8.6, my computer randomly started crashing hard with blue screens. One of the codes relates to NVidia I think according to searches on line, but not sure because I saw other codes too.
I suspect it's because of the update since it never crashed before and I don't use the computer for other things.
My specs:
-Windows 10, latest updates
-Pretty good high-end gaming PC
-intel gen 6 I5 6400 processor
-16 gigs DDR4 ram
-NVidia GTX 960 gfx card
-All chipset and other drivers are up to date using driver updating software that checks all my hardware.

I did a lot of troubleshooting, and it also crashed when Zoom wasn't even running, but your Atem switcher software was running.
I monitored CPU and GPU temperatures, nothing was overheating.
I made sure nothing else was running in the BG, didn't help.
I tweaked a bunch of Windows settings and somehow that seemed to help. I managed to have our full production running for 45 mins with Zoom without a crash, so maybe these tweaks solved it, not sure yet. I don't remember what I tweaked.

So I was curious about this 8.6.1 update I just saw, it says "General performance and stability updates." in the change log. Does anyone know if these updates might help with this issue?

Any help or tips might be helpful. Thanks


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Re: Computer crashing after 8.6 switcher update

PostTue Apr 20, 2021 12:05 am

I'd strongly suggest you try updating the nVidia driver... I have nVidia GPUs on several of my machines - if I ever have a bluescreen in a graphically-intensive application, it's probably the video driver. The ATEM code might have tickled a problem, but it's not privileged in a way that can bluescreen your machine - but the video driver certainly can.

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