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ATEM Mini Pro or ATEM TV Studio Pro 4K for Livestreaming

PostPosted: Sun Apr 11, 2021 9:55 am
by jmandrews260
ATEM Mini Pro or ATEM TV Studio Pro 4K

My company has been incorporating Livestreams into our mission for the past couple of months. We would like to up our game and use more than a single camera angle. We have three Canon XA25s, that have both HDMI and SDI outputs. We have been running a single camcorder to an Elgato 4K capture card then using OBS as our streaming software. We are using digital audio through Dante protocol and will continue to do so, which sort of cancels out the need for the software mixer provided in the ATEM software.

We would like to have multi camera functionality and continue to use OBS without needing multiple capture cards. I have watched several videos/tutorials on the ATEM Mini Pro and I think this is our best solution but our Audio Engineer is pushing for the TV Studio Pro 4K. I agree it’s a more powerful unit but it does not seem to function with OBS, which our team has already learned. I realize both units have keying options and can utilize graphics built in Photoshop. I just need some clarity on if we can easily run OBS with ATEM TV Studio Pro. It also does not look like the unit has a USB direct out which the Mini does.

I’m also under the impression that the TV Studio Pro is more for live arena events, television studios or recording programming and not necessarily streaming.

So which would be the better choice the Mini Pro or TV Studio Pro 4K?

Re: ATEM Mini Pro or ATEM TV Studio Pro 4K for Livestreaming

PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, 2021 3:39 pm
by David_Anderson
That's the 2500.00 question.

Lots of factors to consider outside of the difference pointed above.

Since you already have a capture card and use OBS you can just use the capture card on the output of ANY switcher. That leaves both the AMP and TVSP4K both as options.

Since your Canon cameras all have SDI outputs the TVS could be an advantage and give you more flexibility on where you can place the cameras (longer distances) and also uses commercial grade connections.

Do you think you will need more than 4 inputs?
If you intend to keep using the capture card and OBS then why buy the AMP as one of it's biggest features is to eliminate the need for outboard capture and encoding?
What other devices do you intend to run? PC's, etc?

Hope this helps.



Re: ATEM Mini Pro or ATEM TV Studio Pro 4K for Livestreaming

PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, 2021 3:59 pm
by Cybershadow
As you're already running your streams through OBS and don't want to change that, I'd suggest you stick with an all-software solution. Get a Decklink card (Decklink Duo 2 for 4 inputs or Decklink Quad 2 for 8 inputs) to capture your cameras' SDI feeds and do all switching in OBS.