Webpresenter HD software

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Webpresenter HD software

PostMon Apr 12, 2021 11:12 am

I really love your update of the webpresenter HD but a few software improvements could make it even better. I understand that Atem Mini Pro has to be simple to use but the WP HD are looking more pro oriented and some functions which are missing or some tasks need to be done without editing an xml file.

Webpresenter software :
instead of editing the XML file:
- directly enter the server URL in the app
- set custom size, bitrate (video and audio), audio sample rate and encoding profile in the app to create custom streaming profiles.

Display on the GUI :
- Status of the internet connection (somehting like Red=no connection/orange=connected to a network but no internet connection/green=connected to internet)
- Internet connection used: LAN or USB/mobile

And last: is there any way to have logs? Like streaming status, error logs, network errors, etc

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