Audio Monitor 12G HDMI Out

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Audio Monitor 12G HDMI Out

PostTue Apr 13, 2021 11:21 am

Does anyone know the specs on the HDMI out on the Audio Monitor 12G? I have had mine for over a year and tried to use the HDMI out on to have program going to a dedicated monitor that only had HDMI. It didn't work on the monitor until I put an UpDown Cross Signal Converter on it.

I have my ATEM set to output the multiview at 1080i59.94 for this particular monitor to work. I connected to the Audio Monitor 12G with my computer to see if there were any settings I could change on the output and there is no way to change it that I can see. 1080i59.94 works with the monitor but 1080p59.94 does not. Would love to know what signal resolution is coming out of the Audio Monitor 12G. There are no tech specs or mention of it in the manual unless I completely overlooked it.

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