Need solution to split video to multiple outs

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Bootie Cothran

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Need solution to split video to multiple outs

PostMon Oct 14, 2013 7:56 pm

This should be simple but HDCP is killing me.

We often have need to play video or show images live in our room on two different outputs: one is a projector for those in the room to view, and one is an HDTV monitor in a different area of the room. Two outputs, one source.

I want to use an AppleTV as the source, but in order to get to the two outputs, I need to split the signal but HDCP doesn't like that. I rigged up a few mini-converters to allow me to show still images on both devices, but as soon as I try to play video, (even my own video I recorded on my own iPhone) I get an HDCP error from the AppleTV. Thanks to somebody in HDCP world, I apparently don't own enough rights to my own video to show it on multiple devices :/

Right now, I'm going HDMI from the AppleTV into an HDMI to SDI mini-converter (MC#1). From that converter, I go out SDI to an SDI to HDMI mini-converter (MC#2) and from there HDMI into the projector. From the MC#1, I also am going SDI out and then into an SDI to HDMI mini-converter (MC#3) and out of that HDMI into the HDTV monitor. Again, that works all day with still images but not video.

Any ideas on a better method that will allow video to both devices?
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Benjamin Higginbotham

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Re: Need solution to split video to multiple outs

PostMon Oct 14, 2013 9:33 pm

Is the AppleTV required? Something like CasparCG can play videos and you could have it spit out to both an HDMI and SDI (or two HDMI ports) at the same time.

If you need AppleTV then I am a bit stumped as HDCP is going to continue to be a bother. People with more experience with AppleTV's may need to comment.
Benjamin Higginbotham
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Scott Ryan

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Re: Need solution to split video to multiple outs

PostTue Oct 15, 2013 2:56 am

So you are just splitting the HDMI signal right? A HDMI splitter with support for HDCP should be all you need if your projector takes HDMI as well as your HDTV. Something like this Gefen 1:4 HDMI splitter should work fine. ... d_id=11448 ... _HDMI.html

$200. Might be able to find something cheaper with support for HDCP. This is personally what I've used to split HDMI sources, although we usually don't deal with HDCP.

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