Is this correct connection with any other problem???

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Is this correct connection with any other problem???

PostTue Oct 15, 2013 1:57 pm

We have 2M/E Switcher with 1M/E panel and Studio converter and 4 X Camera Converters.
In last production of concert,
We connect Multi PVW 1 & 2 to 2M/E 's input channels
for see whole camera angle on every camera position.
We have 1 HDMI 9" HD Monitor each for every cameras.
I patch Aux 2 output to Studio converter's PGM input.
and I assign MPVW 1 to Aux 2.
Every camera director say good to this for capable of seeing every other camera angle each others.

Today I want to know.
This connection has any problem for switcher or video or sync ???

If there are not problem, I will add 1 more monitor for easy focusing job.

Thanks a lot

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