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Hyperdeck Studio Request

PostTue Oct 15, 2013 9:03 pm

Can R&D please figure out two things for the Hyperdeck Studio?

1. LED Buttons: Can we please have illuminated buttons? When updating firmware I see red LEDs so i'm assuming there are RGB LEDs for each button. They are very hard to see in a production room. I've taped a piece of red Gaff tape to the recode button so I can select the correct one. The rotating RED for recording is cute, but if I can't see the stop button how does it help?

2. Delete/format - clips/disk. This would be a hug time saver and seems like a pretty common sense menu feature.

I'm looking at replacing the hyperdeck due to the lack of these simple features and going with the AJA deck. Sorry, it's just a reality of workability in the production environment.

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