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Problem recording to Samsung T7 with Atem Extreme ISO

PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2021 8:52 am
by Streamium

I recently bought both an Atem Extreme ISO and a couple of Samsung T7 drives. I tested this all for days before the event and seemed to work just fine. At the event, plugging in the drives made the small green light appear near record. But hitting record did nothing when I was testing on site. Just ignored me.

I reformatted both drives using the laptop and then when reconnected noticed an amber light and the blue indicator on the drives was constantly flashing (but no recording).

I eventually got one to work but the other is not being recognised. This is a bit worrying as I bought this specifically for its ability to record from all video channels, without the need to connect recorders in-line with the cameras.

The fact that one of the drives does now work as expected gives me some hope. What else should I be trying and what possible reasons can anyone suggest for one of the drives to not trigger recording in the Atem?