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ATEM Mini Pro ISO, I can't get it running on YouTube! Help!?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2021 9:47 am
So we practically lost money on a Gig that didn't go as planned. I believe my Switcher Operator messed with the Streaming XML file and now it won't stream at all.

So just to test it this is how I have it setup.

ATEM Mini Pro ISO with a 8.6.4 firmware update.
Macbook Pro 2013 i7 with 16gb of Ram
The Camera Sony A7III going into Camera 1. Ethernet Cable going into the ATEM and the adapter going into my USB 3.0 port and the HDMI out going into a 7" monitor for Multiview.

WHen I click "On Air" it just stays red and doesn't go into count down.

Please lemme know what I need to do Please?

Thank you

Re: ATEM Mini Pro ISO, I can't get it running on YouTube! He

PostPosted: Sat Nov 27, 2021 11:21 pm
by DutchRCTimeKeeping
To stream to Youtube, you must have activated the livestream-option and you must enter the stream-key in ATEM software... else nothing happens when you press ON AIR..

You can find many good tutorials on YouTube, for example this one: