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Blackmagic studio 4k pro + Television studio 4k pro + vMix

PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2021 1:32 pm
by North stream
Hey there, I am pretty new to this live stream studio work and I can't figure out some stuff..
We recently bought 3 x BM studio 4k pro camera's to upgrade or gear at the studio. Before we streamed our program out with a AJA encoder. Someone recommended us to start looking into vMix. I started looking up video's about it and it checked a lot of boxes for our needs. At the same time it also brought some questions for me that I so far couldn't find the answers for.

We want to use the camera control, coloring and talkback through the Television studio 4k pro and the streaming, video instarts, visuals and switching with vMix.

- How can I connect my BM studio 4k pro both sdi to my Television studio 4k pro and also get every camera signal separatly into my vMix pc (by sdi)? (pc includes the decklink 8k pro)

I know that there are SDI splitters and I think I have seen all of them in the past couple days..
Someone told me that for our setup and in the way we want to use it he recommended the "Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini SDI Distribut 12G" (one for each camera). The only downside in our situation is that it has too many SDI outputs. We only want to split our camera video signal into 2 outputs, 1 for the Television studio 4k pro and 1 to the Decklink 8k pro vMic pc.

- If we would use the "Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini SDI Distribut 12G" in this way, would it send the clean video signal into vMix or would all adjustments that I did in the Atem software (with the switcher) come with it?

The price of the "Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini SDI Distribut 12G" is pretty descent price but because we got 3 BM studio 4k pros I thought the best way is to ask for advice before I throw with the wallet of my boss.

Love to hear from your advices.

Re: Blackmagic studio 4k pro + Television studio 4k pro + vM

PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2021 8:33 am
by Asgeir Hustad
The camera control that you set from the ATEM is applied in-camera, so will also be found in your vMix-inputs.

Regarding the split: Since you bought the 4K Pro cameras, I'd also consider getting the Ethernet Studio Converter - that one has 2 SDI outputs, so you wouldn't need to split the cameras, and you can pull a single RJ45 to your cameras.

I would seriously consider what features you need from vMix before doing this though. Running and operating two systems seems stupid, and it's an expensive mixer to only use for camera control. Physical hardware is king when it comes to switching, maybe what you're doing with vMix can be solved in the ATEM by using the PC as a graphics playout machine?

Re: Blackmagic studio 4k pro + Television studio 4k pro + vM

PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2021 10:07 am
by Dave Del Vecchio
Yes, you might want to look at the key and fill output options from vMix:

This will use two of the SDI connectors on the DeckLink 8K Pro card (similar to what is described for the DeckLink Duo and Quad 2 on the vMix page). And it will also require two SDI inputs into the ATEM switcher. This approach will allow you generate the graphics and video playout using the vMix computer, while doing all of the video switching and keying on the ATEM switcher.

This reduces the hardware requirements on the vMix system as it no longer needs to do multi-input video switching, just video (or graphics) playout. This benefit may be important, especially if you want to do higher resolutions and frame rates (such as 4K or 60 fps) as you need a pretty powerful computer for software based video switching with those types of video sources and can pretty easily run into performance limitations.

Using separate graphics and video playout systems into a hardware video switcher tends to be the most common approach for larger productions. Partly for these performance reasons, and also because it allows separate people to manage different aspects of the production such as: graphics, video playout, and video switching.