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Web presenter 4k YouTube poor quality on recording live

PostPosted: Sat Sep 23, 2023 7:58 pm
by giorgioangelini84
A problem has been happening to me for a few days. I have a 4k web presenter connected to an Atem television studio with 1080p50 sources. Put bitrate on the web presenter 4k at 1080p50 at 8 mega given that there is a ftth (speedtest 90/90 3ms ping) in the room where the events are held. I'm doing the live broadcasts on YouTube. The live feed comes out perfect while the live recording seems compressed to 1 meg, I read that YouTube does this, is this the case or can it be resolved?
I'll start by saying that I don't have any updated software on the 4k webpresenter... I've always used it at 1080p50 3-4 mega without giving me any problems either on the live broadcast or on the recording of the broadcast