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On Air Light

PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2023 5:15 pm
by Dan Michael Hodges
I've got a nice on-air light from Yellowtec that I'm in the process of mounting outside a small corporate studio for podcasts. I can easily create a manual switch but given all the easy means of triggering a tally light through an ATEM does anyone have any solutions or idea on a straight-forward way of triggering something when pressing "on Air" or "record" on the ATEM Television studio panel.

Maybe picking up on timecode running, signal present or even monitoring rs422 on a hyper deck ( assuming there is even way to trigger that with an ATEM)?

The GPI Tally interface looks perfect but the way I understand it, it sounds like it is only triggered based on selecting an input on the ATEM.

Could there be something via creative SDI routing or injecting a signal?

I don't have the ATEM Television studio yet so can't experiment but wanted to get a handle on if there was a straight-forward way of tackling this without having to have another computer/streamdeck, "Philips Hue", ardiuno or physical switch installed in the desk.