Questions about ATEM Switchers, Camera Converter and everything live!
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PostSat Dec 01, 2012 4:10 pm

HI guys

someone knows a solution for that ?
i'm using a US3Dand ATEM 2/ME, with a macbook pro and i would like to
use the live video signal i'm receiving from the US3D, and import it
in a mapping software (madmapper or resolume arena) so i can deform and map the image onto
volumes on stage (organic or cubic forms, incinated screens etc...,
and then send it via a second output to projectors ?
i've heard that when not use with its 3d capabilities (two genlocked signals for left and right)
you can only capture the left signal (sdi and hdmi input #1)in the USs3d.
Is it possible to use sdi IN or hdmi IN -->import in a third party video editing software-->then use sdi OUT or hdmi OUT of the US3d ?
US3D quality is excellent but one thunderbolt only so no secondary display output.
-it means using an 27" imac with solid graphic card and 2 thunderbolts ports, mac mini is low perfs in graphics-
i don't want to carry such a big computer when i'm on tour, i want it light !!!
Can i use the AJA IO XT with US3D ? it has 2 thunderbolts and it's small, i know it's not a blackmagic product sorry.
This is the biggest problem how to get output for your macbookpro when the only thunderbolt port is already in use.
If someone can help me




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PostThu Dec 06, 2012 11:46 pm

The promotional material for the Ultrastudio 3D says you can use it for live keying of graphics, but there are no clear instructions for this. I have an ATEM/1, a Macbook Pro with thunderbolt and the ultra studio 3D. How can I key graphics from the mac over live video from the ATEM/1, so i can project it on a screen? And i need to work on the fly, loading graphics into the ATEM/1's media pools is too slow!
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Fred Rodrigues

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PostFri Dec 07, 2012 4:08 pm

It is pretty hard to deal with the outputs of the Ultra studio or any blackmagic products, first you loose your open GL GFX acceleration and this is a big loss if you are really doing GFX and trying to map- also madmapper will not see your ultrastudio as a valid output device (it is all openGL in madmapper).

Sorry to say it but your best bet is to go with retina mbp (it has 2 thunderbolt ports and an HDMI out), or try the AJA ioxt, or buy a belkin thunderbolt dock that will give you another thunderbolt port and a DVI out. I tried all but not the ioxt and the retina won hands down.

I just completed a project doing exactly this- careful you will get a fair bit of latency once you have a full chain together, your live camera will not be so live anymore. Resolume and most other vj programs will let you capture directly from the ultrastudio and pass it via syphon to mad mapper.

I also wrote an app to grab frames from the blackmagic and feed them directly to a syphon feed so I did not need to do it inside another software- let me know if you need it I can dig it out.



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PostSat Jan 19, 2013 9:51 pm

hi fred_dev and thanks for ur answer,
i post u so late i'm sorry

i did a show with pandora's box software, it was a pain in the ass !!!
import 3d mesh with the POV of projectors is so boring.

it will be interesting to test your app, with madmapper, i just got the new imac yesterday !!!!
i was waiting for it.

i need a solution for a show to come in few weeks,

It will be a mapping,warping project ( 3840x1080px) with two christie projectors,
i read that blackmagic capture cards are natively supported in Resolume Arena (a VJ and mapping sofware)

i tried my ultrastudio 3D within that software and it works great, automatically detected.
i was on an Imac, A 27" AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2GB, and i7 proc.

i have to notice that madmapper is far more easy to make warping

i have some question about the Ultrastudio 3D.
i have a PC with a thunderbolt capable motherboard (Gygabite Z77X UP5 TH, it has 2x thunderbolt ports)

is the Ultrastudio 3D compatible with windows 7 64bits ?,
i try with media express but no device detected.

i need to capture two computers (output of each PC ,playing videos, is 1080p50 @50Hz)
to make a big image 3840x1080, and trough Resolume Arena, i can use warping deformation,
to match all the surfaces on stage (cubic surfaces, triangles and paralax surfaces)

i don't care about latency, live feed will be on another separate projector,
if it's below 4 - 6 frames late it's OK. all i care is it has to b smooth and fluent .

I saw 2 interesting PCI-e capture devices on bm web site,
- the DeckLink HD Extreme 3D
- the DeckLink 4K Extreme
they are all capable capturing at 1080p50.
but do you think it's possible to use one these,
and capture two different 1920x1080 @50p 50Hz (my two computers in fact) with only
one capture card ?

and again if you want me to try your frame grabber app with madmapper or arena, i'm in !

sorry 4 my poor english



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PostSat Jan 19, 2013 9:51 pm

and happy new year of course !!!!
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PostFri Aug 23, 2013 1:01 pm

This might help, if you have 1x Thunderbolt (for BM input) and no ports left over for monitor/preview output.


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