Reference guide! What cable should i use with 12G products??

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Reference guide! What cable should i use with 12G products??

PostThu Dec 01, 2016 10:49 am

As of today BMD has a recommendation of which cable to use for there 12G-SDI products..
It is important to use a good quality HD cable with 12G-SDI products. As an example, we have used an industry standard Belden 1694A cable when testing our 12G-SDI products.

Distance for cable lengths are:
3G-SDI 100 meters
6G-SDI 80 meters
12G-SDI 50 meters

Belden 1694A is a cable that excists for 20 years now(1995). Approved for 1,5G SD/HD-SDI signals in the first place. In the official table of Belden they say 3G - 155m 6G - 105m 12G - Not listed as in not recomended for 12G. So if BMD does tests with Belden 1694 and they can go to 50 meters that is very nice ;) But officially belden says it is not supported..

But you could buy much better optimised cables for 12G, which gives you more cable length.

I would like to compile a list with cables you guys are using as a reference to other users.

Personally i use Sommercable SC Vector 600-0162 with Neutrik UHD 12G connectors in my OBV.

Also keep in mind that normal BNC connectors are not made for these high frequencies and will affect the useable length of the cable in great length. The isolation materials between the shield and the pin need to be optimised for high frequencies to give you the best results without to much interference or dropouts.

Tell me what you guys are using. I will add it to this begin post as a reference!

Reference: SommerCable

Reference: Belden (by Markertek website)

Type Cable ______________________ 6G Meters ___ 12G Meters _____ Online price

Sommercable SC Vector 600-0162_______ 70 __________ 40 _________ 1,90 / Meter
Belden 1694A _______________________ 105 __________ X _________ 3.05 / Meter
Belden 4794R _______________________ 137 __________ 93 _________ 5,97 / Meter

Connector manufacturers that have 12G optimised connectors
Neutrik UHD serie
Coax connectors LTD Korus serie
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Re: Reference guide! What cable should i use with 12G produc

PostFri Dec 02, 2016 1:52 am

Belden seems to be recommending their new triple shielded 4794R cable for 12G SDI but says that many of their existing cables (1694A, 1505A, and 1855A) are good for 6G SDI: ... -again.cfm ... lletin.pdf

Having said that, it seems like nearly all of the 12G SDI testing done to date is with cables originally designed for lower frequency transmission, such as Belden 1694A cable. For example, Macom claims their latest 12G SDI cable equalizer chips can do 100 meter cable lengths over Belden 1694A: ... generation

With their earlier generation chips they claimed that they could send a 12G SDI signal 80 meters over Canare L-4.5CHD cable: ... -adopted-b

Which suggests that Canare L-4.5CHD may be usable for 12G SDI in addition to Belden 1694A.

Very few of the cable manufacturers even seem to report attenuation figures for frequencies beyond 3 GHz which makes it tough to compare different brands.

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Re: Reference guide! What cable should i use with 12G produc

PostFri Dec 02, 2016 2:18 am

Dave, I was wondering about the Carnare L4.5CHD for 12G too. Thanks for your comments and observations.
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