Thunderbolt to external pcie

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Jon Hart

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Thunderbolt to external pcie

PostSun Dec 24, 2017 4:48 pm

Here's me goal: use a small form factor pc (mini itx board and case) to create a casparcg graphics machine for live production, as well as a post-production machine.

Problem: mini itx only has enough pcie slots for the gpu, not enough for a capture card like the Decklink duo/Quad. Does anybody have any ideas? Or am I stuck with matx or atx mobos/cases?

Ive seen external graphics card enclosures that use Thunderbolt to connect to the pc. Anyone know if I can put a Decklink in there instead of a gpu?

Peter Aellig

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Re: Thunderbolt to external pcie

PostMon Dec 25, 2017 11:20 am

You can use Decklink Cards with External PCIe Boxes. I run a Decklink DUO2 (2xFILL&KEY) in a AKITIO Thunder3 PCIe Box. Together with a HP ZBook3 (Xeon, NVIDIA Quadro M3000) with Thunderbolt3. Far better than a Mini PC but more expensive. We also have a ZBook2, running a Decklink Extreme 4K in a Sonnet Thunderbolt2 PCIe extension Box. Both are running Caspar.


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