Double PIP with atem 1 m/e 4k

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Natanja Rorije

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Double PIP with atem 1 m/e 4k

PostMon Jan 15, 2018 8:01 pm

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Hello all,
I was searching for a solution to have a double pip with my Atem 1 m/e 4k without using more equipment. since you can only have 1 DVE with the atem 1 m/e 4k.
Cropping camera 1, and DVE on camera 2 was a solution I saw a lot on the internet, but I needed to see the full view of both sources.
After braining I came up with a solution where I use the SDI multiview as source and use a overlay with a alpha mask to hide te rest of the multiview. With dve I pip the second camera and now I have two pips with my Atem 1 m/e. :D
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Re: Double PIP with atem 1 m/e 4k

PostTue Jan 16, 2018 3:38 am

that's a cool idea, as long as you accept giving up the ability to preview anything since your PVW window is on air. we have used an external MV unit (decimator dmon-quad) to accomplish a similar goal-it's almost as good as the super source on the 2me for only $300.
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Ian Morrish

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Re: Double PIP with atem 1 m/e 4k

PostTue Jan 16, 2018 5:21 am

The only other way I have done it (same can be done on TVS HD), is to use a Wipe from top left with cam 1 in Preview and Twitter input on program, then USK on-air with DVE positioned correctly for cam 2.
Disadvantage with this is cam 1 shot has to be framed with subject in top/left 1/4 of camera shot, but you can change the aspect ratio of the wipe pattern (would give you a sideways T split of the program screen.
Good thing with using DVE is you can make cam 2 "fly" to full screen rather than just a cut.
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