Best Lenses with LANC or FIZ control with MFT mount?

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Best Lenses with LANC or FIZ control with MFT mount?

PostMon Sep 09, 2019 8:59 pm

Hi everyone,

So we currently use Two BMD Production Studio 4k Cameras for doing Live IMAG in an event center we are 100ft away from the stage and have been using cheap panasonic lenses that are 100-300mm zoom length. We want to upgrade the lenses to have LANC or some soft of handheld remote control to allow the ops quicker control over their lens and camera. We also would still love to get wider shots and then a super close shot and having a small F-stop is important too since we are dealing with low light. Our current lenses go to F2.8. Any recommendations?

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Re: Best Lenses with LANC or FIZ control with MFT mount?

PostTue Sep 10, 2019 2:49 am

If you are looking to control zoom via LANC, then your only long lens choice is the Olympus 12-50 f/3.5/6.3 EZ zoom. The only f/2.8 zoom is the 12-40mm f/2.8, then their is the 12-200 f/3.5/6.3 Zoom, and the new Pro 12-100 f/4.0 zoom which is an excellent lens, but f/4.0. All these are manual zoom, but have remote iris control via Lanc, using the right Lanc controller.

While an older design, their are two Four Thirds (FT) zooms that will work, the 12-35 f/2.0 SWT and it’s sister the OLYMPUS ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 35-100mm F2.0. Both of these zooms are manual zoom only, may have iris support via Lanc (untested) and require a FT to MFT Oly or Pana adapter.

Panasonic has a new LUMIX G X VARIO LENS, 35-100MM, F2.8 available, but again not zoom Servo, Manual zoom only.

Your other choic is a MFT/EF Smart adapter and use some of the Canon EF sports Zoom 70-200 f/2.8 lenses, large and heavy, but you get Lanc iris control, but again no Servo Zoom. For Servo Zoom you need to look at the Canon CN-E Servo zooms, 18-80mm and 70-200mm, both are T/4.4 zooms, but have Servo zooms.

If you need a long range Servo Remote Zoom for IMag shooting, you are using the wrong camera, you need a Ursa Broadcast with a B4 2/3rds HD ENG Zoom.
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Re: Best Lenses with LANC or FIZ control with MFT mount?

PostTue Sep 10, 2019 9:37 am

Indeed would go for real broadcast cameras instead of Studio cams. Also the Studio cams need more light then the Ursa.

And B4 lenses go down to F1.8 and are parafocal! Which means the subject stays in focus while zooming ;)

Much better choice then Studio cameras for the events type you describe.
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