Make these toggle on off. "Switch to page" Command+1-9

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Make these toggle on off. "Switch to page" Command+1-9

PostTue Nov 21, 2023 1:45 am

Make these toggle on off. "Switch to page" Command+1-9

Please can you make these keyboard shortcuts toggle. I love opening these pages with keyboard commands but to close them i have to use my mouse to close then and regain my windows space.

I think this would be a super easy update. I want to touch my mouse as little as possible. and closing some tabs with toggle key commands would help severely.

Thank you.
Morgan Mendieta

Brendan Dower

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Re: Make these toggle on off. "Switch to page" Command+1-9

PostTue Nov 28, 2023 4:07 am

Hi Morgan,
Please be aware that this forum is specifically for Software Developers, it is not a direct line to the developers of DaVinci Resolve.

Instead, I recommend posting your feature request in the DaVinci Resolve Feature Requests forum:
Brendan Dower
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Re: Make these toggle on off. "Switch to page" Command+1-9

PostTue Nov 28, 2023 6:41 pm

If I understand the request correctly, you want to move between pages with Keyboard Shortcuts? That would be:
"Shift+3" - Cut
"Shift+4" - Edit
"Shift+5" - Fusion
"Shift+6" - Color
"Shift+7" - Fair Light
"Shift+8" - Delivery

You can also add "Open in Timeline" under the Edit section of shortcuts. I made that one "Cmd+Shift+4" so that I can select something like a compound clip or nested timeline and open it with out having to right-click. You can also do the same for "Open in Fusion" which I set to "Cmd+Shift+5". So they're like modifyers of the main "Shift+4" and "Shift+5" page switching.
So now:

"Cmd+Shift+4" - Open in Edit
"Cmd+Shift+5" - Open in Fusion

Making those standard would probably help out a lot of people.

The ones you CAN'T toggle YET are the different areas of the screen like "Media" or "Properties". This is especially noticeable in Fusion for "Spline Editor" and "Keyframe".

Here was my request for such a layout...
Keyboard Shortcuts_Alt0000.jpg
Keyboard Shortcuts_Alt0000.jpg (687.54 KiB) Viewed 198 times
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