Ultrastudio Monitor 3G with Macbook M2 and Sonoma

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Ultrastudio Monitor 3G with Macbook M2 and Sonoma

PostFri Dec 08, 2023 9:58 am


here's what I found after quite some testing, to get the Ultrastudio Monitor 3G to work with my Macbook Air M2:

- check cable -> USB-C 4?

- give permissions for Blackmagic soft- and hardware in macOS 'privacy & security'
- re-set macOS legacy settings:

- check Blackmagic Desktop Video App: does it recognize the Ultrastudio Monitor? if yes - done...

- check if you find the Ultrastudio Monitor 3G listed as connected device in the MacOS system report ('hardware / thunderbolt/USB4'). then do the following:
- update the Ultrastudio Monitor and 'kickstart' the Desktop Video App:

Worked for me. Thanks to the forum!... Jan
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Re: Ultrastudio Monitor 3G with Macbook M2 and Sonoma

PostSun Dec 10, 2023 6:25 am

I believe you need to use Thunderbolt cable. None of my existing USB cable had worked with UltraStudio Monitor 3G.

I also noticed that if I want to output HDR data I should set no higher than 1080p25 otherwise it won't send HDR
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Re: Ultrastudio Monitor 3G with Macbook M2 and Sonoma

PostWed Dec 13, 2023 5:07 am

The light on it doesn't even turn on for me if it's not a Thunderbolt cable.
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