CUT PAGE audio tracks "erratic" behavior

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CUT PAGE audio tracks "erratic" behavior

PostThu Feb 15, 2024 7:08 pm

Hi everybody

I would highly appreciate it if someone could help me understand how to control the CUT PAGE appearance of AUDIO TRACKS;

Namely, If I start DVRS from zero and create a very simple Timeline, as presented in Figure 1 in the attachment, as you may observe, I can see all audio tracks in both the complete/total timeline (top one) and below it, in the detailed timeline, showing details of specific clips.

Somehow, the audio tracks that have received (using the drag and drop from the media area) my two audio recordings are audio track numbers 5 and 6 and not expected, 1 and 2.
How can I control the destination of audio recordings to tracks 1 and 2?

If I try to push those audio recordings to Audio tracks number one and two, then a completely surprising thing happens and the "erratic location" of those tracks shows up as it might be seen in the DVRS 18.6.5 (depicted in Figure 2 in the attachment).
Now, after dragging and dropping audio recordings from tracks 6 and 5 to 2 and 1, there is no more separate area for audio tracks and video tracks. Instead, they are joined, and even more confusing, one of the audio tracks goes up to the video clip area.

The last time I faced this problem was in my earlier post from January 31 but despite almost 100 visualizations, no one was able to offer an answer.
Basically, in that post, I described that in much more complex projects, such behavior is also present and is depicted here in Figure 3 in the attachment.
As is the case, this ërratic audio track placement in the CUT page" makes very difficult the sense of localizing easily and visually some parts of a Timeline with specific audio and video characteristics.

Is there something I am doing wrong or I am facing erratic behavior in visualization and handling of the DVRS 18.6?

Thank you for your patience and help

Goran Neshich
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Re: CUT PAGE audio tracks "erratic" behavior

PostThu Feb 29, 2024 3:30 am

on the cut page, clips with video and audio elements are shown together, separate audio elements are put on the higher track numbers.
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