Managing Edited Clips

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Stephen Jamerson

Managing Edited Clips

PostMon Aug 27, 2012 1:27 am

I have a couple of clips that are approx 30 mins long and each contains various scenes. Both clips are sitting in the master media bin in the media pool.

If I create a new bin in the media pool (called say "edited shots"), can I use the source viewer to select the scenes I want to use (in and out points) from the 2 large media files and place edited / selected takes in the new bin?

Or can I only use the source viewer to select/edit the footage and I have to drop it directly into the timeline?

Basically I want to have a bin with all the edited parts I plan use in the time line prior to compiling. Is this possible?


Jaaron Eller

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Re: Managing Edited Clips

PostMon Aug 27, 2012 6:54 pm

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the question, but within the media page you can just set in and out points in the master media bin (or before you place them into bin is even less messy), and then click and drag into your new "edited shots" bin. This doesn't add any clips into a timeline. You can then make a new empty timeline and compile/edit from scratch, or start throwing clips into an existing timeline.

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