Night/Lit Tungsten Interiors NOT cinematic

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Night/Lit Tungsten Interiors NOT cinematic

PostTue Apr 01, 2014 6:26 am


I'm about purchasing my first BMCC this week (trying to decide between 2.5 and 4k yet).

I come from a background of shooting from the late 90's with Video, 35mm and some DSLR.

I've always loved the look of 35mm film, and watching footage from the first BMCC, I felt that finally this look was going to happen for affordable cameras too.

I find that the most cinematic professional camera is the Arri Alexa. I always found the RED cameras too "videoish" for my taste. I've never liked the cinematography of a film shot with Red (only "Winter's Bone" to a certain extent), however, I could quote a lot of movies shot in Alexa which cinematography and cinematic look is excellent to my taste.

I'm aware of the cinematic/not cinematic debate that always arise when mentioning this issues, and if digital should resemble film or we just should accept that they're different, and maybe children born today will never feel unconnected or distanced to a movie just for it looking "like video".

But for me, I'm always looking for that look globally, considering all the elements that form that characteristic on a film (motion, depth of field, dynamic range, color grading etc)


The BMCC certainly is on the level of Alexa regarding the cinematic look, however, I find that they offer different results when handling tungsten lit interiors, night exteriors or simply, scenes with artificial light in them.

I haven't found ANY example of video/film shot with the BMCC in interiors that looked cinematic. This issue doesn't happen when shooting with Alexa.

Have you noticed this?

Is there a way (IR filters, exposure techniques etc) to make a tungsten lit interior look cinematic?

This "tradeoff" is always more evident with tungsten light. With artificial daylight, this doesn't happen that much, the BMCC works pretty good, for example when lightning an interior lit to look like Morning or Evening.

Here a couple of examples of what I mean:

Look at the scene in the aquarium's store scene and the apartment scene and how the look differ from the only daylight scene in the flower store:

Exterior night scenes in this one, not cinematic at all

This is close to get a cinematic look, but not totally, much closer than the other, however...

And finally an example of what I'm looking for, the look the the Arri Alexa offers for night shots and tungsten interiors:

I think that the difference is very noticeable...

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Best regards

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