What Exactly Can A LANC Port Control?

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Shane McGee

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What Exactly Can A LANC Port Control?

PostSun Apr 06, 2014 9:24 pm

I was playing around with the meta data entry on my BMPCC and think its really cool, but very impractical for most situations since it takes FOREVER to enter any information in without a touch screen or a keyboard...

Is it somehow THEORETICALLY possible to hook up a keyboard or maybe some kind of bluetooth module and iPhone app as a keyboard or something through the LANC port to control the meta data entry?

Wild idea i just had...and I have no idea the capabilities of said port but just thought id ask others who are more familiar with that stuff...

Denny Smith

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Re: What Exactly Can A LANC Port Control?

PostSun Apr 06, 2014 11:23 pm

Nice idea, but not through LANC port. On The Pocket camera, the LANC controls camera functions only, like start/stop and remote focus with MFT lenses that support auto focus. Have not tried quick double click to see if it will activate focus magnification (like double clicking "focus" button on Pocket camera) or focus peaking. Must give that a try.

I am afraid you are stuck with the "buttons" to enter meta data.
Denny Smith
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